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In 2002, Mad Rock began with passion and drive, owned and operated by climbers who loved the sport and only wanted more out of their climbing shoes. Since the beginning, Mad Rock Shoes strive to provide innovative, affordable, and high-performing shoes across a variety of different climbing terrains and styles.

Important Features of Climbing Shoes

Before choosing the right Mad Rock shoes, there are a few general characteristics to consider. Each of these combines performance, comfort, and safety to create high-quality climbing shoes.

Mad rock climbing shoes👞 Comfortable fit

Depending on personal preference and application, the right fit may fluctuate between loose or snug. Aggressive climbing requires form-fitting shoes, while moderate or neutral climbing can be accomplished with a looser fit.

👞 Gripping abilities

Climbing shoes should feature a solid, sticky grip, though this may vary from one shoe to the next. Thick and sticky rubber soles will work best to ease new climbers into learning new techniques and movements.

👞 Sensitivity

Sensitivity is of particular importance for bouldering or when traveling through steep terrain. Shoes with high sensitivity will allow the wearer to identify small changes in a rock formation, varying from bumps and drops to cracks and shelves.

Combining these elements together can be challenging, but finding the perfect balance ensures comfortable, efficient, and controlled climbs.

The Top Rated Mad Rock Shoes

Finding the best climbing shoes often takes significant research into competing brands and styles. Luckily, we’ve done all the hard work for you.

Below is a list of the three best Mad Rock shoes to consider. Each model has outperformed the competition and gained high praise for performance, comfort, and long-lasting efficiency.

👟 Mad Rock 2.0 Flash Climbing Shoe

Mad Rock 2.0 Flash Climbing ShoeKey Features:

Heavy Check Mark on Apple iOS 10.2 Leather & rubber sole

Heavy Check Mark on Apple iOS 10.2 3-D molded heel for enhanced friction

Heavy Check Mark on Apple iOS 10.2 Synflex & leather construction for flexibility

The 2.0 Flash climbing shoe offers many new features to accommodate long, rugged climbs. One of the most notable components of this shoe comes from the 3-D molded heel. Not only does it offer a better fit, but it also has Shock Gel to reduce impact.

The thick rubber sole provides excellent gripping abilities, improving function and performance. For a comfortable, flexible fit, it’s hard to beat the 2.0 Flash.


👟 Mad Rock Drifter Climbing Shoe

Mad Rock Drifter Climbing ShoeKey Features:

Heavy Check Mark on Apple iOS 10.2 Two Velcro straps for customized fit

Heavy Check Mark on Apple iOS 10.2 Leather construction

Heavy Check Mark on Apple iOS 10.2 Thick rubber sole

For those looking for a climbing shoe that offers a comfortable, customized fit, these Mad Rock shoes are a great option. The leather construction allows for the shoe to mold to the foot, increasing overall comfort through use.

With a flatter sole, the Drifter climbing shoe is best suited for long climbs or shallow foot volume. It can even be a great beginner’s shoe, as the thick rubber sole offers maximum control and gripping.

👟 Mad Rock Remora Climbing Shoe

Mad Rock Remora Climbing ShoeKey Features:

Heavy Check Mark on Apple iOS 10.2 SynFlex material provides flexibility in fit

Heavy Check Mark on Apple iOS 10.2 Form-fitting construction

Heavy Check Mark on Apple iOS 10.2 Science friction 3 rubber sole

The Mad Rock Remora climbing shoe was named after the Remora fish, which is known for its suction capabilities. Like the fish, the Remora is built to attach firmly to feet and to rock surfaces, making it a dependable and versatile climbing shoe.

Made of synthetic materials, the addition of SynFlex allows the shoe to precisely and consistently mold to the wearer. For those who want a form-fitting, performance-based climbing shoe, the Mad Rock Remora is a great option.


The inherent beauty of Mad Rock shoes is that they provide ample benefits for amateurs and professionals alike. By combining quality and performance with affordability, Mad Rock shoes allow for anyone to enjoy the sport of rock climbing without having to sacrifice value.

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