A Brief Introduction of the Vertex Vent 2

If there is any aspect of safety that you don’t want to skimp on, it’s the helmet. Whether at extreme heights or walking safely on the ground, danger can strike anywhere. Since 1973, Petzl has been taking great care to ensure that workers are well protected. One of the most popular innovations in safety that Petzl came up with was the Vertex Vent.

You’ve likely had helmets that protect you but are so uncomfortable that you hardly want to wear them. Alternatively, you don’t want a helmet that is like wearing a pillow, without any security. The Vertex Vent 2 is easy to wear because of how well it combines comfort and protection.

Review of the Vertex Vent 2

Upon opening the box that the Petzl Vertex Vent 2 came in, you’ll notice just how good it looks. The sleek design is a combination of being both cool and functional. This helmet was tested in a variety of climbing conditions and always performed well, staying securely in place and maintaining a strong sense of comfort.

The Vent 2 feels extremely comfortable, fitting perfectly to your head. You won’t experience the poking and prodding, like with many other protective helmets. The Vent 2 can be worn all day, if need be, without it giving you a giant headache. Here is a quick rundown of the pros and cons of the Vertex Vent 2:


Six-point textile suspension ensures your helmet stays put

CenterFit adjustment system keeps the helmet centered on your head

Exclusive ventilation design keeps you cool, in extreme temperatures


Some have reported the helmet to fit smaller than normal, consider ordering up a size

Unique Features of this Helmet

The Vertex Vent 2 has some amazing features. What is noticeable about this helmet, initially, was the unique ventilation holes that work well to vent quickly. A feature of particular significance is the six-point textile suspension system. This system allows for the Vertex Vent 2 to fit securely on the user’s head, no matter what the task is. As you know, a helmet that doesn’t stay snugly place is a major safety hazard.

Taking extra safety measures, the Vent 2 also features a CenterFit adjustment system. What the CenterFit feature does is provides you with a helmet that always stays centered on the head. Petzl is all about innovating, and that is evident in the unique outer shell design of this helmet. Interestingly enough, the outer helmet shell is designed specifically to absorb an increased amount of shock.

Specific Uses for this Helmet

This helmet is recommended in any situation where you need head protection. For those who enjoy climbing, the Vertex Vent 2 is a must-have. Whether it be rocks, trees, mountains, or any other climbable surface, the Vent 2 combines comfort and safety perfectly. If you are a climber that finds yourself in dark situations, the multiple headlamp clips of this helmet will serve you well, also.


After spending some time with this helmet on, it will have anyone thoroughly impressed. From top to bottom, the Vertex Vent 2 is designed to fit well, be comfortable, and keep you safe. Keeping your head protected can be the difference between life and death. The Vertex Vent 2 has a design that doesn’t just look great, it could very well save your life.

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