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Everyone wants an active, healthy child. No matter what sports you child participates in, safety is paramount. You want to ensure that your child is protected while enjoying their favorite physical activities. That means being aware of the options when it comes to protective gear and seeking out the best of the best. This includes clothing that fits, padding that protects, and helmets that can prevent a big spill from causing harm.

Petzl Picchu helmet review

Petzl Picchu Helmet

One option for protective gear is the Petzl Picchu helmet, which is billed as a children’s climbing and cycling helmet. This particular helmet is designed to be lightweight and comfortable. However, it does not sacrifice safety and durability. It comes in children’s sizes for those from around three to eight years old.

Helmet Safety

Petzl Picchu Children’s Climbing & Cycling HelmetIt does meet safety standards for climbing and cycling. This will leave you with peace of mind no matter what your kid is up to. Another plus is that it comes with a three-year warranty, so you know that it is going to stand up to years of hard play. Another thing that stands out is the fact that it includes a chin strap that adjusts backward or forward. It also offers a side-release buckle to make the helmet even more comfortable to wear.

As far as the negatives go, the biggest one seems to be that adjusting the straps can be a little time-consuming. Because it is so protective and made for any accidents that may occur, it may take some time to get it properly fitting so your tyke can head out on an adventure. The chin strap, headband, and nape height are all adjustable, which is a good thing, but all contribute to the time it requires.

Unique Features

Helmet SafetyOne of the unique features of this helmet is the red signal light that can be mounted on the back of the helmet. That, along with some stickers, allows for customization and visibility. Your child will likely enjoy the number of colors that the helmet comes in as well. The choices include blue, coral, orange and raspberry. The aesthetic of the helmet is like any professional bike helmet, but the colors make it pop a bit more and appeal to the younger crowd.

As far as safety standards go, it meets many. These include climbing, United States cycling (for children five or older), and European cycling standards. This is uncommon with kids’ helmets and makes it a versatile choice. If your child enjoys various sports that need a helmet, this may be a cost-effective way to ensure they are okay if any bumps and spills occur.


In conclusion, this helmet is made for younger cyclers and climbers who want a sturdy yet comfortable helmet. It has some features that are somewhat unique and offers some level of customization. A signal light is included, along with many movable parts to ensure the perfect fit. If you don’t mind taking a bit of time getting your child strapped in correctly, it otherwise is an appealing helmet for a reasonable price.

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