Best Kids Rock Climbing Shoes 2017

When kids are first starting to learn how to rock climb, kids climbing shoes are necessary. The first holds they will learn on will be specially made to support their whole foot and sneakers will give enough support. After they have learned the basic safety rules and how to move their hands and feet in coordinated movements, they will start to focus on more technical aspects of climbing.

Best Kids Rock Climbing Shoes 2017As they get older and become more practiced, experienced climbers, their feet will grow and change, and the initial sneaker appropriate holds will no longer be enough. When a child is ready for climbing shoes, they will be able to place their toes purposefully instead of using their whole foot to climb. They will slowly feel more comfortable and ready to take on more challenging climbs. Sneakers will no longer be enough as they will not grip on the more advanced holds and it will be time to move on to kid’s climbing shoes.

There are some specific things to consider when looking at kid’s climbing shoes. First, comfort is the most important part of the shoe’s fit. Adults will be able to cope with some initial discomfort for the sake of the grip, but if children are uncomfortable, they won’t want to climb.

Second, it’s best to go with a slightly larger shoe. Some kid’s climbing shoes are adjustable. If not, wearing socks to fill in the extra space will work. Kids grow quickly, so it’s best to get a pair that leaves a little bit of room for growth. Plus, kids don’t have the same level of foot control as adults, so they don’t need as tight fitting a shoe.

Third, the composition of the shoe is also important. Leather uppers are a little better than synthetic because they leather will stretch to their foot and be a little more comfortable. The sole should be thin and flexible. The toe should not be too curved because a kid’s foot isn’t developed enough for that. Lastly, the closure system should be simple enough for the child to be able to use it independently.

Keeping these things in mind, here are some of the best kid’s climbing shoes:

Evolv VENGA Kid’s Climbing Shoe👞 La Sportiva Stickit Shoe

The Stickit Shoe from La Sportiva has an adjustable closure and heel adjustment that will grow with kids’ feet and an easy access system so they can get them on and off independently. They have La Sportiva’s sticky rubber, so kids will be able to climb with ease.

👞 Evolv VENGA Kid’s Climbing Shoe

These shoes are good for most vertical climbing. They’ve got a flat bottom that’s perfect for a kid’s foot and have a size adjusting heel strap, so they will grow with their user.

👞 Mad Rock Kid’s Mad Monkey Climbing Shoe

The Mad Monkey Kid’s Climbing Shoe has a hook and loop closure and adjustable heel to grow with the child. This shoe has a slightly pointed toe to allow for a little more advanced climbing but is still appropriate for a kid’s growing feet.